Bret Anthony

        BRET ANTHONY is that rarity among actors, a performer with the looks of a leading man and the razor-sharp comic timing of a stand-up.  This up-and-comer is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable faces on television, thanks to his numerous roles in tele-features and series, along with his nationwide advertising campaigns for such companies as Hyundai (the hapless guy who whacks his head) and Dr. Scholls (the partygoer who isn’t quite “Gellin!”) Jack in the Box (he steals food in a hotel hallway and ends up getting a plunger to the head). He’s also the Million Dollar Wedge for the Merv Griffin created game show, “Wheel of Fortune.”

A true California native, Anthony was born and raised in Costa Mesa, where he first found an audience in the stadium, a natural athlete, he enjoyed a variety of amateur sports, including basketball, football, soccer, volleyball and water polo.  Today, Anthony is a golf enthusiast and plays to a 7 handicap.  (He is a U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion, and has also added snowboarding, Sea-Doo, rollerblading, skateboarding and roller hockey to his sporting repertoire.)

Bret began performing in school productions and received some of his first professional training at Disneyland, where his character work was seen by countless visitors to the park.  The actor quickly segued into local and Los Angeles theater productions and has had leading roles in such plays as Go Ask Alice (Costa Mesa Civic Playhouse); Barefoot in the Park, The Nerd and Death of a Salesman (all for Actors Circle Theater); and House of Yes (Thor Studios).

Anthony’s earlier stage work got him noticed, and this led to a growing list of co- and guest-starring roles in film and on television, culminating in his leading turn in the recent telefilm Behind the Scenes: The Unauthorized Story of Three’s Company, in which Bret brilliantly and seamlessly portrayed another young comic actor, John Ritter.  For his work in the project, Anthony received standout notices, among them:  “Bret Anthony impressively mimics that actor’s nimble pratfalls…” The New York Times; “Anthony makes an excellent Ritter, with excellent comic energy.  He could be Ritter if the role wasn’t already taken!” The Hollywood Reporter; and “Anthony captures Ritter’s persona with eerie accuracy” The Wall Street Journal.  But perhaps most meaningful to Anthony was the approval of John Ritter himself, who said, “He’s better than me at me.”  (A friendship grew from Anthony’s and Ritter’s collaboration, and Bret’s close ties to the Ritter family remain to this day.)

Anthony’s list of other television work includes roles in Clayton thee NBA Concierge, Holiday Switch, Capture of the Green River Killer, Andy Barker PI, Seinfeld, Diagnosis Murder, Beverly Hills 90210,  Arli$$, The Wonder Years and Up All Night.

In feature film, Bret has enjoyed roles in such movies as Planet You 3D, Rain, Bad Blood, Shade, The November Conspiracy and Newsies.

Not content with his past accomplishments, Anthony is ever on the lookout for new artistic challenges.  Look for the actor to soon become another one of those classic Hollywood overnight sensations (who has been diligently working at his craft since his late teens!).  An avid photographer and creator of “” When he’s not on the big or small screen, you’ll probably find the actor on a golf course or spending time with his favorite person on the planet, “my 6-and-a-half year-old niece,” Anthony says, flashing his trademark, ear-to-ear grin.